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Level A2
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Is used for Expressing quality, Comparing
Translations more

To expresses "even more," (as in "even more expensive," "even more ridiculous," "even more badass"), use 更 (gèng). It frequently comes before adjectives.

Basic Usage


The pattern in Chinese is simple:

更 + adj.

Note that this pattern is not simply a way of adding "-er" to an adjective. It's not a substitute for 比 comparisons. In each case, you're adding even more to an existing considerable amount, as in, "I'm already rich, but I want to be even richer."


  • 上海 很 冷,但是 北京 冷。Shanghai is cold, but Beijing is colder.
  • 吃 这么 多 糖,你 会 更 胖 的。It is implied that you are already fat, but if you continue to eat candy, you will become even fatter.If you eat this much candy, you will get fatter.
  • 今天 已经 很 忙 了,但是 明天 会 忙。 This example is quite clear.Today is already really busy, but tomorrow will be even busier.
  • 孩子 都 想 要 多 的 玩具。 It is implied that kids already have some toys, but they still want even more.All kids want even more toys.
  • 不要 太 高兴,我们 还 有 多 的 工作。 It is implied that a lot of work has already been done but there is still even more work left.Don't get too excited; we still have more work to do.
  • 希望 你 能 找到 一 个 好 的 男朋友。 It is implied that you broke up with a boyfriend, and hopefully you can find one even better.I hope you can find an even better boyfriend.
  • 我 想 租 一 个 便宜 的 房子。It is implied that the apartment now is already cheap, but I want to rent an even cheaper apartment.I want to rent a cheaper apartment.
  • 明天,我 会 告诉 你 多 的 事情。Tomorrow I will tell you more things.
  • 到 这里 以后,我 的 生活 方便 了。After arriving here, my life got more convenient.
  • 如果 你 不 说,我 会 生气。If you don't talk, I will get angrier.

Structure with 比

While 更 (gèng) is not a substitute for 比 (the classic comparison word), the two can be used together.


A 比 B + 更 + adj.

This expresses that "A is even more Adj. than B."


  • 今天 昨天 热。 Today is even hotter than yesterday.
  • 这里 那里 吵。 It's even noisier here than there.
  • 这 个 女孩子 那 个 漂亮。 This girl is prettier than that one.
  • 啤酒 白酒 好喝。 Beer is better to drink than white wine.
  • 汉语 法语 难。 Chinese is more difficult than French.
  • 中国 的 东西 美国 的 便宜。 Chinese things are cheaper than American things.
  • 现在 的 工作 以前 的 有意思。 The work now is more interesting than the work before.
  • 她 现在 的 男朋友 以前 的 有钱。 Her current boyfriend has more money than her previous boyfriend.
  • 这 个 酒吧 那 个 吵。 This bar is noisier than that one.
  • 住 在 美国 住 在 英国 无聊。 It is more boring to live in America than in England.

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