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Expressing "everyone" with "shei"

"谁也/都" (shéi yě/dōu) is a pattern used to express "everyone" in Chinese. The placement of the question word 谁 is very similar to the way 什么 (shénme) can be used to express "every", along with other question words like 哪儿 (nǎ'er) and 多少 (duōshǎo).


  • 谁 都 能 学 汉语。Shuí dōu néng xué Hànyǔ.Everyone can study Chinese.
  • 谁 都 知道 他 做 了 什么。Shuí dōu zhīdào tā zuòle shénme.Everyone knows what he did.
  • 谁 都 想 挣 钱。Shuí dōu xiǎng zhèng qián.Everyone wants to make money.

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