The filler word "neige"

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Level A2
Is used for Connecting ideas
Keywords 那个, ,
Translations uhm, well

Sometimes when speaking you may blank out a bit, forget a little word or phrase, and you need something to say while gathering your thoughts. Or maybe you need to stall for a while. Well, the word 那个(nèige) is just what you need.

General rule

In English, words like "uhm" and "er" are used as filler[1] words when you're thinking about what to say. In Chinese, 那个 (nèige) is used for this purpose. This can sound a bit unfortunate[2] to English speakers, but it's very common in Mandarin and you'll hear it quite often around Chinese speakers.

那个 can be inserted into sentences wherever you need to pause for thought. This is similar to the slang use of "like" in English, or filler words in general.


Some examples:

  • 那个...这样 做 不 好 吧?
  • 那个...你 可以 做 我 的 女 朋友 吗?
  • 那个...不好意思,我 要 走 了。
  • 她 很 漂亮,就 像 那个... 明星 一样。
  • 那个...我 不 和 你们一起 吃饭 了,好 吗?So. . .uhm, I won't eat with you guys, OK?
  • 我 想 吃 那个... 那个...湖南 菜。I want to eat that. . .uhm. . .whatchamacallit. . .Hunan cuisine.
  • 那个...我 明天 可能 晚 点儿 到 公司。Uhm...I might be a little bit late for work tomorrow.
  • 我 想 看 看 你 刚 买 的 那个...那个...iPhone。I‘d like to have a look at ···uhm···your iphone you just bought.
  • 那个...我 得 去 开会 了。Uhm...I have to attend a meeting.
  • 昨天 那个...那个...小笼包 真 好吃。The ···uhm···steamed soup dumplings were so delicious.


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  2. See This or That? Mandarin and the "N" word for elaboration

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