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Property:Is used for

This property details what the grammar point is used for in terms of its communicative function. For example, politeness, comparision etc.

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"Could it be that" with "qibushi" +Expressing a rhetorical question  +
"In order to avoid" with "yimian" +Expressing a central concept  +


A softer "but" with "buguo" +Connecting ideas  +, Contrasting  +
Actions in a row +Sequencing events in time  +
Adding emphasis with "fei....buke" +Emphasizing  +, Giving commands  +, Expressing obligations  +
Additional way to express "in the name of" +Expressing in the name of  +, Expressing under the guise of  +
Adjectival complement "de budeliao" +Expressing degree  +, Expressing quality  +, Emphasizing  +
Adjectival complement "de hen" +Expressing degree  +, Expressing quality  +, Emphasizing  +
Adjectives with "-ji le" +Expressing degree  +, Emphasizing  +
Adjectives with "name" and "zheme" +Adding more explanation  +, Expressing attitude  +, Describing things  +
Advanced "le" after an object +Expressing completion  +, Describing actions  +, Referring to the past  +
Advanced degree complements +Expressing degree  +
Advanced potential complements +Expressing possibility  +, Describing actions  +
Advanced result complements +Expressing duration  +, Expressing result  +
Advanced usages of the contrary "dao" +Contrasting  +, Expressing attitude  +
Advanced use of "you" +Describing actions  +
Advanced uses of "ba" +Expressing passive voice  +, Sentence Patterns  +
Advanced uses of "dou" +Describing actions  +, Expressing quantity  +
Advanced uses of "hai" +Expressing attitude  +, Expressing degree  +
Advanced uses of "lian" +Expressing attitude  +, Adding more explanation  +
Advanced uses of "zong" +Describing things  +
Advanced uses of direction complement "-qilai" +Expressing result  +
Advanced yes-no questions with "ma" +Asking questions  +, Requesting  +
Affirmative-negative question +Asking questions  +, Giving alternatives  +
After a specific time with "yihou" +Expressing time and date  +, Sequencing events in time  +
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