Asking how something is with "zenmeyang"

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You may know that 怎么 (zěnme) can mean "how", but by adding to it and making it 怎么样 (zěnmeyàng), you can ask how something is, or what it is like. This is useful in all manner of conversations, and is essential for building conversation skills.

Basic Usage


This question form is super simple. It is similar to asking the question, "how is...?"

Subj. + 怎么样 ?


Many of these sample sentences are super common in everyday life, so it's a good idea to get familiar with them.

  • 你 最近 怎么样zěnmeyàng ? How have you been recently?
  • 中国 怎么样zěnmeyàng ? How is China?
  • 北京 冬天 怎么样zěnmeyàng ? How is Beijing in the winter?
  • 今天 天气 怎么样zěnmeyàng ? How is the weather today?
  • 你 妹妹 的 工作 怎么样zěnmeyàng ? How is your little sister's job going?
  • 你的 新 手机 怎么样zěnmeyàng ? How's your new phone?
  • 这里 的 菜 怎么样 ?好吃 吗 ?zěnmeyàng ? How is the food here?

Asking Opinions


In this case, it's most common to negate the adjective after 怎么 (zěnme).

你 觉得 + Topic + 怎么样 ?

This is like asking, "what do you think of...?"


  • 你 觉得 上海 怎么样Nǐ juéde zěnmeyàng ? What do you think of Shanghai?
  • 你 觉得怎么样Nǐ juéde zěnmeyàng ? What do you think of me?
  • 你 觉得 中文 怎么样 ? 难学 吗 ?Nǐ juéde zěnmeyàng ? What do you think of Chinese? Is it difficult to learn?

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