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正好 + [Verb Phrases]
Subj. + 正好 + [Verb Phrases]

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正好 (zhènghǎo) can be used as an adjective or adverb to help express a coincidence, and it could be related to size, volume, quantity, degree, time, etc. This is similar to how we say in English “Oh, this shirt I grabbed was just the right size." or something like that.

Used as "just right"

When used with a noun, use 正好 (zhènghǎo) right after it.

Basic Pattern


Subj. + 正好


  • 这 件 衣服 的 大小 正好Zhè jiàn yīfu de dàxiǎo zhènghǎo.The size of these clothes is just right.
  • 水温 正好,不 冷 也 不 热 。Shuǐwēn zhènghǎo, bù lěng yě bù rè.The temperature of the water is perfect, not too cold, not too hot.
  • 两 个 房间 正好 ,我 一 间 ,我 爸 妈 一 间 。 Liǎng gè fángjiān zhènghǎo, wǒ yījiān, wǒ bà mā yījiān.Two rooms are perfect. One for me and one for my parents.

Used after Verbs

You can also use 正好 (zhènghǎo) along with 得 to mean "just right" or "just enough," as shown in the following examples.


Verb + 得 + 正好


  • 盐 放 得 正好 ,不 咸 也 不 淡 。Yán fàng de zhènghǎo, bù xián yě bù dàn.The amount of salt you put was just right, not too salty and not too bland.
  • 钱 给 得 正好 ,不 多 也 不 少 。Qián gěi de zhènghǎo, bù duō yě bù shǎo.The money you gave was just right, not too much and not too little.
  • 菜 点 得 正好 ,都 吃完 了 。Cài diǎn de zhènghǎo, dōu chī wán le.The food we ordered was just enough. We finished them all.

Used as "happen to do"

You can also use 正好 (zhènghǎo) to mean "happen to do" or "about to do," as shown in the following examples.


Subj. + 正好 + [Verb Phrases]


  • 正好 要 出去 ,垃圾 我 来 扔 吧 。zhènghǎo yào chūqù, I'm just about to leave. I'll take out the trash for you.
  • 我们 正好 也 要 去 ,一起 去 吧 。We're about to go there.
  • 你 来 了!我 正好 要 找 你 。Nǐ lái le! Wǒ zhènghǎo yào zhǎo nǐ.You are here! I've been looking for you.
  • 我们 部门 正好 在 。His major is just this. Maybe he could help you.


Sources and further reading