Combining verbs with "bing"

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并 (bìng) can be used to connect verbs. In this structure the two verbs should be of equal importance.


[Verb Phrase 1] + 并 / 并且 + [Verb Phrase 2]

Notice that 并且 is used with verbs, unlike 和, which is used with nouns.


Here are some examples:

  • 我 同意 并且 支持 你 的 决定。Wǒ tóngyì bìngqiě zhīchí nǐ de juédìng.I agree with and support your decision.

Rarely will a bare verb (rather than a verb phrase) appear both before and after 并且. Where this is the case the sentence will normally take the tone of an imperative, instructing someone to do something.

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