Expressing "any" with "renhe"


任何 is a modifier that means means "any" or "whichever, whatsoever". It is also like the English phrase "any and all, no matter what"


This modifier usually does not use 的. It is often paired with 都 or 也.

任何 + noun


  • 我 的 弟弟 特别 顽固,任何 的 人 都 不 能 说服 他。My little brother is really stubborn, there isn't any person who can persuade him.
  • 一 位 很 有 智慧 的 人 曾经 说 过 “任何 成功 都 不 能 弥补 家庭 的 失败。”A wise man once said:"Any success cannot make up for losing the family.
  • 我 父母 很 保守,因此 他们 不 让 我 参加 任何 舞蹈 活动。My parents are very protective, so they don't allow me to go to any dances.
  • 那 个 乞丐 说 汉语 说 得 不 清楚,任何 本地人 也 不 明白 他 的 话。That beggar doesn't speak Chinese very clearly. There aren't any native speakers that can understand what he says.

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