Expressing "any" with "renhe"

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\r\n任何 is a modifier that means means "any" or "whichever, whatsoever". It is also like the English phrase "any and all, no matter what"\r\n== Structure ==\r\nThis modifier usually does not use 的. It is often paired with 都 or 也. \r\n

\r\n任何 + noun\r\n

\r\n=== Examples ===\r\n

\r\n* 我 的 弟弟 特别 顽固,任何 的 人 都 不 能 说服 他。My little brother is really stubborn, there isn't any person who can persuade him.
  • 一 位 很 有 智慧 的 人 曾经 说 过 “任何 成功 都 不 能 弥补 家庭 的 失败。”A wise man once said:"Any success cannot make up for losing the family.
  • 我 父母 很 保守,因此 他们 不 让 我 参加 任何 舞会。My parents are very protective, so they don't allow me to go to any dances.
  • 他会说 很多 国家的 语言,去 欧洲 任何国家 旅行 都 没有 问题 。He can speak many languages.It's no problem for him to travel to any European country.\r\n

\r\n== Sources and further reading ==\r\n* Boya Chinese Lower Intermediate 1 (博雅汉语准中级加速篇) (p.173)→buy\r\n