Expressing "any" with "renhe"

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任何 is a modifier that means means "any", "whichever", or "whatsoever". It is also like the English phrases "any and all" or "no matter what".


This modifier usually does not use 的. It is often paired with 都 or 也.

任何 + noun


  • 这 是 我们 俩 的 秘密, 跟任何 人 都 不要 说。This is our secret. Don't tell it to anyone.
  • 我 父母 不 让 我 参加 任何 校外 的 活动。My parents won't let me participate in any school activity.
  • 这么 多 年 过去 了,他 还是 没有任何变化。So many years have passed, and he hasn't changed a bit.
  • 这 种 情况 在任何 时候 都 不能 发生。You can't let this kind of thing happen in any circumstance.
  • 我们 老板 人 很 好,你 有任何 想法 都 可以 跟 他 说。Our boss is a very good person. Any thoughts you have you can discuss with him.
  • 我 先 走 了,有任何 需要 给 我 打电话 吧。I'm leaving now. Call me if you need anything.

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