Expressing "let alone" with "bie shuo"

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别说 (bié shuō) means something like "leaving aside" or "don't think about," and is used in the following way:


别说 + A , 连 / 就是+ B + 也 / 都 + Verb

This is similar to English where we might say: "don't think about preparing a banquet, you can't even make instant noodles." Note that this sentence structure is the reverse to the 更不用说 pattern.


  • 别说 一百, 就是 一 块 钱 我 不 给 你 。Don't think about one hundred, I won't even give you one kuai.
  • 别说 白酒, 啤酒 的 味道 我 受 不了。Don't even mention baijiu, I can't even stand the taste of beer.
  • 这么 难 的 问题,别说 你,就是 老师 不 知道 答案。Don't even mention you, the teacher can't even know the answer to such a difficult question.
  • 别说 做 菜 了,他 怎么 煮 方便面 不 知道。Don't even think about cooking. He doesn't even know how to boil instant noodles.

且不说 is more formal than 别说, but is used in the same way.

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