Expressing "not only… but also" with "bujin"

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There are a few ways to express "not only ... but also" in Chinese. One of them is:


Noun + 不仅 + A,而且 + B

A and B could be adjectives, verbs or phrases.


  • 不仅 很 帅,而且 很 聪明。He is not only handsome, but also intelligent.
  • 我们 不仅 完成 了 任务 而且 比 规定 日期 提前 了 十天。We not only completed the task, but we did so ten days ahead of schedule.
  • 这 道 菜不仅 好吃 而且 很 有 营养。This dish is not only tasty, but also nutritious.

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