How to do something with "zenme"

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Here's how you use 怎么 (zěnme).

The Basic "How to Verb" Something


The question word 怎么 is used to ask how in Chinese. It is inserted in front of the verb that's being asked about:

Subject + 怎么 + Verb + Object

Note that the subject can often be omitted from general "how to" questions.


  • 怎么 去?How do you get there?
  • 中文 怎么 说 "apple"?How do you say "apple" in Chinese?
  • 怎么 用 筷子 吃饭?How do you use chopstick to eat?
  • 怎么 做饭?How do you cook?

Topic First

Starting a "how to" question with the topic at the beginning of the question is very common. That is, the thing being asked about is introduced first, then a question is asked about how to do something involving it.


Topic + 怎么 + Verb

You'll notice that the topic is usually the object of the verb, just moved to the front of the question.


  • 超市 怎么 走?How do you get to the supermarket?
  • 芒果 怎么 吃?How do you eat mangoes?
  • iPad 怎么 用?How do you use an iPad?
  • 太极拳 怎么 打?How do you do tai-chi?

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