Verb reduplication with "yi"

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Reduplication of certain verbs and adding an 一 (yī) can change the degree of something to "a little bit".


One way to reduplicate verbs is to insert 一 (yī), in the following structure:

Verb + 一 + Verb

As with simple verb reduplication, this creates a sense that the verb is done briefly or "a little bit".


  • 给 我 看 一 看Let me look a little.
  • 听 一 听(You) Listen a bit.
  • 试 一 试(You) Go and try it a bit.
  • 请 老师 给 我们 说 一 说Teacher, please explain it to us a little.
  • 我 跟 你 练 一 练 中文 吧。Practice Chinese a little bit with me.
  • 我们 出去走 一 走 吧。Let's go out side to walk for a bit.
  • 别 生气 了,笑 一 笑 嘛!Don't get mad, laugh a little bit!
  • 周末 的 时候 我们 想 去 杭州 玩 一 玩When it's the weekend, we should think about going to Hangzhou for some fun.
  • 问 一 问 他们 厕所 在 哪里。(You), ask them a bit where the bathroom is.
  • 我 可以 用 一 用 你 的 电脑 吗?Can I use your computer for a little bit?

Note: The structure in the above sentences can also omit the "一" and maintain their meaning, for example, 看看, 听听, 试试, 说说, 练练, 走走, 笑笑, 玩玩, 问问, and 用用.

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