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Your practical, free, comprehensive online resource for Chinese pronunciation, tones, and pinyin. 594 pages and growing!

Pronunciation of Mandarin Chinese is not just for Beginners!

Pinyin Chart

If you've just started learning Mandarin Chinese, you're correct to put a lot of effort into learning correct pronunciation. You really need to learn pinyin right away, and we strongly recommend you take the time to familiarize yourself with our pinyin chart. If you want to know what pinyin is, our article on pinyin's background will clear things up.

But even if you're an elementary learner or an intermediate learner, chances are you could still gain a lot from working a bit more on your pronunciation. Below is an example of how pronunciation topics can and should be studied across various levels.

Level Pinyin Tones Other
A1 Pinyin quick start guide, Pinyin gotchas The four tones -
A2 Tough sounds (basic), Erhua Tone change rules -
B1 Tough sounds (advanced), Rare syllables Tone pairs Accents
B2 - Pronunciation variants -

This is just a small sample, though. Check out the growing list of pronunciation points, divided by level.

Practice Your Tone Pairs Here!

(There is lots more video on our tone pairs pages)

Why Do Native Speakers Pronounce Stuff Wrong??

There are quite a few words in modern Mandarin with multiple pronunciations floating around. Usually there is one "standard" pronunciation (in the dictionary), but in many cases that's the one no one really ever says! If you're a fairly advanced student (B1+), you'll want to check out our list of pronunciation variants.

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