Tone pair 1-2

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This page will cover some examples of the 1-2 tone pair, which Sinosplice rates as a "5" on a difficulty rating of 1-7 (easiest to hardest).

This one's a little difficult. Practice this tone pair using the words below. Once you can say them reliable in isolation (as just a tone pair), try putting them in longer sentences while keeping the tones accurate.

1-2 Tone Pair Combos

Source: Sinosplice's Mandarin Chinese Tone Pair Drills (used with permission)

  • 真油 (zhēn yóu) really oily
  • 真长 (zhēn cháng) really long
  • 真红 (zhēn hóng) really red
  • 真难 (zhēn nán) really hard
  • 真忙 (zhēn máng) really busy

1-2 Tone Pair Words

Sources: Sinosplice's Mandarin Chinese Tone Pair Drills, AllSet Learning's "Tone Pair" Pronunciation Pack (used with permission)

  • 突然 (tūrán)suddenly
  • 天堂 (tiāntáng) Heaven
  • 猜拳 (cāiquán) finger guessing game
  • 加油 (jiāyóu)add oil, to cheer someone on
  • 生活 (shēnghuó) life
  • 空调 (kōngtiáo) air Conditioning
  • 家人 (jiārén) family

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