Tough sounds

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As a beginner learner of Mandarin Chinese, you need to learn all of the syllables of pinyin. You may not pronounce them like a native speaker at all, but you at least need to know "what's out there."

As an elementary (A2) learner, many of the sounds of pinyin should be getting more familiar and easier to pronounce, but inevitably, some of them are going to trip you up a lot more than others. It's likely words which contain the "more foreign" consonant and vowel sounds that give you the most trouble. These "tough sounds" need to be regularly practiced as an elementary learner until you can really nail them. Your future, fluent Mandarin speaker self will thank you!

Tough Sounds

Tough sounds c-s-z-

Tough sounds s-sh-, c-ch-, z-zh-

Tough sounds x-sh-, q-ch-, j-zh-

Tough sounds r-

Tough sounds -an-ang

Tough sounds -e

Tough sounds -ou-uo

Tough sounds -ü-u

Tough sounds -un

Tough sounds -uan