Tough sounds -ü-u

Introduction to these tough sounds...

Pronunciation Tips for -ü-u (A2)

Tough Sound Words: -ü-u (A2)

The words in the following table are designed to give you a good pronunciation workout. Practice them on your own and practice them with your teacher.

Audio Chinese Pinyin English
女儿 nǚ’ér daughter
女人 nǚrén woman
女孩 nǚhái girl
句子 jùzi sentence
出去 chūqù to go out
小区 xiǎoqū neighborhood, apartment complex
需要 xūyào to need
也许 yěxǔ perhaps, maybe
下雨 xiàyǔ to rain
鱼肉 yú ròu fish "meat"

Tough Sound Video Practice: -ü-u (A2)

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