Tough sounds c-s-z-

Introduction to these tough sounds...

Pronunciation Tips for c-s-z- (A2)

Tough Sound Words: c-s-z- (A2)

The words in the following table are designed to give you a good pronunciation workout. Practice them on your own and practice them with your teacher.

Audio Chinese Pinyin English
zuò to do; to make; to be
zǒu to walk, to go, to leave
zài again; another; then
zuì most, -est
zǎo early; morning
zuǒ left (opposite of right)
总是 zǒngshì always
cóng from; via
cài vegetable; dish (of food); cuisine (of a region)
cuò mistake, fault; mistakenly
[measure word for how many times something happens]
cǎo grass
聪明 cōngming smart, intelligent

Tough Sound Video Practice: c-s-z- (A2)

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