Tough sounds x-sh-, q-ch-, j-zh- (phrases)

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The x-, q-, and -j initials should no longer be totally new and foreign, but they probably still pose a challenge. When mixed with the sh-, ch-, and zh- initials in a long enough word or phrase, they're still going to give most intermediate learners a hard time. Practice the following words and phrases to be sure that you've got a good handle on these tough sounds.

Pronunciation Tips for x-sh-, q-ch-, j-zh- (B1)


At this point you should already be familiar with the simpler A2 tough sounds for "x," "q," and "j", so you're essentially just practicing longer strings of the same sounds. If you are already intermediate-level in terms of listening but have not learned the correct pronunciation for the "x," "q," and "j" sounds, you absolutely need to immediately. If it is not already, pronunciation of these sounds will become the single biggest limiting factor preventing you from reaching true fluency.

Remember to start out slow, pronouncing the sounds as accurately as possible. Increase speed gradually, but not sacrificing correct pronunciation.

Tough Sound Words: x-sh-, q-ch-, j-zh- (B1)

The words and phrases in the following table are designed to give you a good pronunciation workout. Practice them on your own and practice them with your teacher.

Audio Chinese Pinyin English
吃鸡肉 chī jīròu to eat chicken
几种汽车 jǐ zhǒng qìchē how many kinds of automobiles; several kinds of automobiles
吃水煮鱼 chī shuǐzhǔyú eat fish in chili oil
喜欢生气 xǐhuān shēngqì to like to get angry, to easily get angry
一起出去 yīqǐ chūqù to go out together
出去坐汽车 chūqù zuò qìchē to go out for a ride in an automobile
学生都上学 xuéshēng dōu shàngxué the students all start their classes
坐汽车上学 zuò qìchē shàngxué to ride in an automobile to go to school
记住你需要休息 jìzhù nǐ xūyào xiūxi to remember that you need to rest

If these are too difficult for you, don't forget that we also have these same sounds at the elementary (A2) level.

Tough Sound Video Practice: x-sh-, q-ch-, j-zh- (B1)

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