Tone pair 1-0

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This page will cover some examples of the 1-0 tone pair.

When practicing, be sure to make the neutral tone rather low. Coming off the long, high pitch of the first tone, it does feel natural and easy to drop in pitch for the neutral tone.

Practice this tone pair using the words below. Once you can say them reliable in isolation (as just a tone pair), try putting them in longer sentences while keeping the tones accurate.

1-0 Tone Pair Diagram

It helps many learners to see the two tones side by side. The neutral tone varies a bit depending on which tone is follows. Notice that when it follows a first tone, the pitch of the neutral tone is significantly bit lower.

Tone Pair 1-0 cropped.png

1-0 Tone Pair Words

Sources: Sinosplice's Mandarin Chinese Tone Pair Drills, AllSet Learning's "Tone Pair" Pronunciation Pack (used with permission)

  • 聰明 (cōngming) smart
  • 舒服 (shūfu) comfortable
  • 清楚 (qīngchu) clear
  • 知识 (zhīshi) knowledge
  • 师傅 (shīfu) Master

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