Tone pair 2-1

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This page will cover some examples of the 2-1 tone pair, which Sinosplice rates as a "4" on a difficulty rating of 1-7 (easiest to hardest).

Practice this tone pair using the words below. Once you can say them reliable in isolation (as just a tone pair), try putting them in longer sentences while keeping the tones accurate.

2-1 Tone Pair Combos

Source: Sinosplice's Mandarin Chinese Tone Pair Drills (used with permission)

  • 蛮新 (mán xīn) quite new
  • 蛮黑 (mán hēi) quite dark

2-1 Tone Pair Words

Sources: Sinosplice's Mandarin Chinese Tone Pair Drills, AllSet Learning's "Tone Pair" Pronunciation Pack (used with permission)

  • 时间 (shíjiān) time
  • 昨天 (zuótiān) yesterday
  • 明天 (míngtiān) tomorrow
  • 旁边 (pángbiān) the side, next to
  • 回 家 (huí jiā) to return home
  • 房间 (fángjiān) room

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