Tough sounds -uan

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The key here is knowing when you're dealing with the "ü" vowel and when you're dealing with the "ü" vowel. Practice the following words and phrases to be sure that you've got a good handle on these tough sounds.

Pronunciation Tips for -uan (A2)

Not all "-uan" sounds are the same!

Both of these two different "-uan" sounds (plus "wan," which is just "-uan" with no consonant sound before it) will be practiced below. You need to be able to keep them straight.

Tough Sound Words: -uan (A2)

The words in the following table are designed to give you a good pronunciation workout. Practice them on your own and practice them with your teacher.

Audio Chinese Pinyin English
yuǎn far
xuǎn to choose
quán entire, all
医院 yīyuàn hospital
公园 gōngyuán public park
guān to close, to shut, to turn off
duǎn short
wǎn late; evening
wán to play (with); to have fun
wàn ten thousand
暖和 nuǎnhuo warm
喜欢 xǐhuan to like

Tough Sound Video Practice: -uan (A2)

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