Tough sounds s-sh-, c-ch-, z-zh-

Introduction to these tough sounds...

Pronunciation Tips for s-sh-, c-ch-, z-zh- (A2)

Tough Sound Words: s-sh-, c-ch-, z-zh- (A2)

The words in the following table are designed to give you a good pronunciation workout. Practice them on your own and practice them with your teacher.

Audio Chinese Pinyin English
cóng from; via
cài vegetable; dish (of food); cuisine (of a region)
cuò mistake, fault; mistakenly
[measure word for how many times something happens]
chī to eat
chū to go out; to happen
chē car, vehicle
cháng long
常常 chángcháng often
出错 chūcuò to make a mistake; to return a (computer) error
sān three, 3
shān mountain
suì [measure word for years old]
shuì to sleep
four, 4
shì to be, is, are
三十 sānshí thirty; 30
十四 shísì fourteen; 14
厕所 cèsuǒ toilet, restroom
超市 chāoshì supermarket
zài to be located at/in/on, to exist; [indicating an action in progress]
zuò to do; to make; to be
zǒu to walk, to go, to leave
zǎo early; morning
zuì most, -est
zhè to choose
zhōng center, middle
zhù to live; to stopl
zhōu week
住在 zhù zài to live (in/at)

Tough Sound Video Practice: s-sh-, c-ch-, z-zh- (A2)

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