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There are a limited number of syllables in pinyin, and you can find pretty much all of them on our pinyin chart. But there are a few rare ones that don't merit inclusion on a list of syllables that a beginner needs to learn, and yet nevertheless exist. These syllables are listed here, along with some notes about what makes them special. Just like every other pinyin syllable on this wiki, these less-common syllables each have their own page with more details.

Syllable How Common How It's Used
biang Uncommon Pretty much just to write a crazy character
duang Uncommon This "word" went viral in early 2015, but it's not normally used
lia Uncommon 俩 (liǎ) is an abbreviation for 两个 (liǎnggè)
seng Uncommon A word for a monk: 僧 (sēng)
shei Common Isn't it weird that there's only one word that combines sh- and -ei? But the word 谁 (shéi) is super common.
zei Uncommon The only word pronounced "zei" means "thief": 贼 (zéi)

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