Tough sounds -e (phrases)

Keep working on your Mandarin "e" sound, well into the intermediate level. It's worth it! Practice the following words and phrases to be sure that you've got a good handle on these tough sounds.

Pronunciation Tips for Tough sounds -e (B1)

At this point you should already be familiar with the simpler A2 tough sounds for "e", so you're essentially just practicing longer strings of the same sounds. If you are already intermediate-level in terms of listening but have not learned the correct pronunciation for "e" sounds, you absolutely need to immediately.

Remember to start out slow, pronouncing the sounds as accurately as possible. Increase speed gradually, but not sacrificing correct pronunciation.

Tough Sound Words: Tough sounds -e (B1)

The words and phrases in the following table are designed to give you a good pronunciation workout. Practice them on your own and practice them with your teacher.

Audio Chinese Pinyin English
饿了 è le has become hungry
热的 rè de hot; hot one
热水 rè shuǐ hot water
热可可 rè kěkě hot cocoa
喝可乐 hē kělè to drink cola
喝热水 hē rè shuǐ to drink hot water
这个车 zhè gè chē this car
这个厕所 zhè gè cèsuǒ this toilet
饿了喝可乐 è le hē kělè if hungry, drink cola
厕所里很热 cèsuǒ li hěn rè it's hot in the restroom

If these are too difficult for you, don't forget that we also have these same sounds at the elementary (A2) level.

Tough Sound Video Practice: Tough sounds -e (B1)

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