HSK 3 Measure Words

Chinese Pinyin English HSK Level
[measure word for things with a handle] HSK 3
céng [measure word for floor, level of a building] HSK 3
duàn [measure word for length (of time), paragraph] HSK 3
fēn a unit of money (equal to 1/100 yuan) HSK 3
公斤 gōngjīn kilogram (kg) HSK 3
jiǎo unit of money (equal to 1/10 yuan) HSK 3
quarter (hour) HSK 3
kǒu [measure word for bites of food or people in a household] HSK 3
liàng [measure word for cars] HSK 3
shuāng pair, [measure word for pairs of things] HSK 3
tiáo [measure word for long things] HSK 3
wǎn [measure word for bowls of something] HSK 3
wèi [polite measure word for people] HSK 3
yuán [measure word for units of money] HSK 3
zhāng [measure word for flat things] HSK 3
zhī [measure word for small things] HSK 3
zhǒng kind, type HSK 3

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