B1 pronunciation points

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"B1" (Intermediate) is the third level, as defined by the European Common Framework, which is used on this Chinese Pronunciation Wiki. It is roughly equivalent to HSK Level 3. For more information on the levels used here, see the Pronunciation Points by Level page. There are 5 total pronunciation points in the list below.


Level Pronunciation Point Summary
B1 Rare syllable You won't find these in our chart, but if you're an intermediate learner, it's time to let you in on the little secret of these syllables' existence.
B1 Rare syllables


Level Pronunciation Point Summary
B1 Tone pair It's not enough to know the tones; you need to PRACTICE them in each combination, until it becomes second nature.
B1 Additional tone change rules


Level Pronunciation Point Summary
B1 Accent China is a fascinating land full of variety. That includes all kinds of different accents!