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Pronunciation Pack

Do you know about AllSet Learning's Pronunciation Packs? If you're working on pronunciation and feel like you need a little extra help (either for solo study or with your teacher), then this is the product for you. The Pronunciation Packs specifically target the sounds that regularly give learners the most trouble. Check them out!

Where to start?

With all this interconnected info on Chinese grammar, you be at a loss as to where to start. Here are some ideas:

Beginner (A1)

New to learning Chinese? Head over to our Learner FAQ.

Here are some good grammar points for beginners:

Also check out the complete list of beginner grammar points.

Elementary (A2)

At this level, you're probably started to wonder a lot about how to use 了 (le).

Here are some other useful grammar points:

See more on the A2 grammar point list.

Intermediate (B1)

Upper Intermediate (B2)

Textbook Friendly

How do we support textbooks? Try finding your own textbook in our list, and then seeing what it links to here on the Chinese Grammar Wiki.

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Referenced Throughout

To create this grammar wiki, AllSet Learning and its editor partners have made extensive use of various high-quality Chinese grammar reference materials. You can see the full list of references on our Chinese textbook grammar index page.

Purchasing these books by clicking on the grammar references linked within this website will also help to support this project.

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