Expressing "simply" with "jianzhi"

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简直 (jiǎnzhí) is similar to "simply" or "completely" in English, and can be used to modify adjectives or verbs, adding a tone of amazement on the part of the speaker.

Used as "simply"

Basic structure

Subj. + 简直 + Predicate


  • 简直 是 个 魔鬼 !He is simply a monster!
  • 他 唱歌 简直 难听 死了 !His singing is simply awful!
  • 你 男 朋友 简直 太 帅 了 !Your boyfriend is simply so handsome!
  • 简直 不 明白 他 为什么 这么 傻 !I just don't understand why he's so stupid.
  • 简直 不 知道 怎么 教 这样 的 学生 !I justd don't know how I should teach such kind of students.

However, although it is possible in English to say something is "simply beautiful," in Chinese, 简直 cannot be followed directly by an unmodified adjective. Check out the following examples:

  • 简直 漂亮 !
  • 简直 很 漂亮 !
  • 简直 太 漂亮 了 !
  • 简直 漂亮 极 了 !

Used as "basically"


Subj. + 简直 + 是(在) + Predicate


  • 简直 是 骗 人 。He's just lying to you.
  • 他们 简直 就是 在 抄 我们 的 创意 。They are basically stealing our creativity.

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