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Chinese textbook grammar index

This page is designed to help students of Chinese get more out of their Chinese grammar books and textbooks by enriching the material in their books with the grammar explanations found in this wiki. To use this index, simply find the name of the textbook or other book you are using, and follow the link.

Grammar Books


40 Lessons for Basic Chinese Course (基础汉语40课)

Anything Goes (无所不谈) →buy

Boya Chinese (博雅汉语)

BRIDGE (桥梁 实用汉语中级教程)

Business Chinese For Success (成功之道)

Contemporary Chinese (当代中文)

Home With Kids (家有儿女)

HSK Standard Course (HSK 标准教程)

Integrated Chinese (听说读写)

New Concept Chinese (新概念汉语)

New Practical Chinese Reader (新实用汉语课本)

Short-Term Spoken Chinese (汉语口语速成)

发展汉语 中级汉语口语



  • Qing Wen (free content on ChinesePod.com; signup may be required)