The Chinese Grammar Wiki may have been pioneered by AllSet Learning, but it would not be possible without the hard work of many selfless individuals, including AllSet Learning interns, students, teachers, and regular users. Thank you!

AllSet Interns

Special thanks to intern Jake Liu for all the excruciating pinyin and typo checking, as well as the structural refinements he helped with leading up to the publication of the B1 book.

Volunteer Editors

Some of these editors did tons of work on their own, while others emailed in issues they found. We thank them all for the hard work and valuable contributions!

Benedikt Rauh in particular was a huge help, sending in feedback and corrections for B1 and B2 grammar points as he found them. He saved our editors a lot of time, and we are indebted to him.

AllSet Teachers and Staff

Although many AllSet Learning employees have worked on the wiki over the years, both part-time and full-time staff, a special shout-out goes to 陈世霜 (Chén Shìshuāng), who has toiled tirelessly on the wiki behind the scenes for years without complaining. Big props also go to full-time staff 李炯 (Lǐ Jiǒng) and 马丽华 (Mǎ Lìhuá) for their unflinching dedication to repeated proofreading tasks as we completed the final checks of the print book.

Sincere thanks to Parry Cadwallader for making both the original wiki itself as well as the ebook version of the Chinese Grammar Wiki possible technically, with very little extra production work needed from the academic team. A big thank you also to Adam Abrams for all the layout work that went into creating the print version.

Other Credits

Our awesome book cover was designed by Anneke Garcia, someone we would never had met had her husband Erick not interned at AllSet Learning in Shanghai, once upon a time. Thanks so much for contributing your artistic touch to our products, Anneke!

The Chinese Grammar Wiki website and ebook both make use of the Silk icon set The Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK (print edition) uses a "structure" icon from, as well as several icons from The HSK Grammar series uses graphics from Pablo Stanley's outstanding Humaaans vector art library.

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