Expressing "with regards to" with "zhiyu"


至于 (zhìyú) "with regards to" or "as to" is used when the speaker want to comment on a topic related to the previously discussed one.


This structure is simple, used similarly to "with regards to" in English. Just put in before the further comment you want to say.

至于 + Topic, Comment


  • 我 已经 尽力 了,至于 结果 只 能 看 运气 了。I've already tried my best. With regards to the results, it's all a matter of luck.
  • 她 跟 我 说 明天 回来,至于 具体 的 时间,我 就 不 知道 了。She told me she was coming back tomorrow. In regards to a specific time, I don't know.
  • 律师 只能 为他 的 客户 辩护,至于 最后 的 判决,那 就 取决于 法官 了。A lawyer only defends his client. As for the verdict, that depends on the judge.

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