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Expressing determination with "feiyao"

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Most advanced Chinese learners know how to express "wanting to do something" with 要, but sometimes you need to turn it up a degree and express "absolutely insist on doing something." In that case, you can use 一定要 or 非要. Most time 非要 appears with a self-willed emotional color while一定要 is just a expression of "absolutely wanting " or "absolutely insist" without any emotional color.

How to use 非要

Just use 非要 like the auxiliary verb . Often use it coupled with 不可.


Subj. + 非要 + Verb + (不可)


  • 我 不 让 他 喝 那么 多,他 非要 喝。I don't want him to drink so much, but he had to.
  • 我 不 想 说,可是 她 非要 让 我 说 不可I didn't want to tell, but she made me tell.
  • 天 那么 冷,可是 孩子 非要 穿 裙子 不可It's so cold outside, but the child had to wear skirt.
  • 他 自己 可以 解决 这 个 问题,干嘛 非要 你 去 帮 他?He can solve this problem by himself. Why would you have to help him?
  • 情人节 那天,我 女朋友 非要 让 我 给 她 买 玫瑰花。My girlfriend had to ask me to buy her roses on Valentine's Day.

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