Expressing "have to" with budebu

不得不 (bùdébù) has a stronger tone than 必须 (bìxū) meaning "someone cannot help but do something."


Subj. + 不得不 + Verb


  • 我们 都 是 打工的 , 不得不 服从 公司 的 安排 。We all work part time in accordance with the company's arrangement.
  • 你 真的 太 厉害 了 , 我 不得不 承认 。You are so good. I have to admit it.
  • 电梯 又 坏了 , 我们 不得不 爬楼梯 。The elevator is broken again. We have to take the stairs.
  • 你 真 会 说话 ,这一点 我们 不得不 佩服 。You can really speak. Just a few words and we have no choice but to admire.
  • 不好意思 ,时间 有限 ,我 不得不 打断 你 。 I'm sorry. We have very limited time. I have to interrupt you.

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