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Reference:Short-term Spoken Chinese: Threshold Vol. 1 (汉语口语入门篇上)

Short-term Spoken Chinese: Threshold Vol. 1 (汉语口语入门篇上) by Ma Jianfei

Short-term Spoken Chinese is the set of textbook for short-term intensive training programs for foreigners. It includes 5 levels of study. The Threshold volumes are for the beginners which include basic words and sentence patterns for communication in daily life.

Grammar Points by Chapter

  1. Lesson One
  2. Lesson Two
  3. Lesson Three
  4. Lesson Four
  5. Lesson Five
  6. Lesson Six
    • 汉语的一般语序 The Word order in a Chinese sentence
    • 疑问词 (1) Questions (1)
    • 正反疑问词 Affirmative-negative questions
    • "有"字词 "有" sentences
  7. Lesson Seven
    • 主谓谓语句 Sentence with a "subject-predicate" predicate
    • 疑问句 (1) Questions (1)
    • 正反疑问句 Affirmative-negative questions
    • "有"字句 "有" sentences
  8. Lesson Eight
    • 疑问句 (2) Questions (2)
    • 数量短语作定语 Numeral-measure phrases as attributive
    • "几"和"多少" "几" and "多少"
    • 介词结构 The preposition construction
  9. Lesson Nine
    • 询问家庭人口 Asking about the number of people in a family
    • 询问职业 Asking about professions
    • 询问年纪 Asking about ages
  10. Lesson Ten
    • 钟点的读法 Ways of telling the time
    • 年*,月,日及星期表示法 Ways of expressing year, month, day and week
    • 名词谓语句 Sentences with a nominal predicate
  11. Lesson Eleven
    • 方位词 Nouns of locality
    • 存在句 Sentences indicating existence
  12. Lesson Twelve
    • "的"字结构 "的" construction
    • 选择疑问句 Alternative questions
    • 钱的计算 Counting Money
  13. Lesson Thirteen
    • 动词重叠 Reduplication of verbs
    • "一点儿"和"有一点儿" "一点儿" and "有一点儿"
    • "又...又..." "...and..."
  14. Lesson Fourteen
    • 用"...,好吗?"提问 Tag question "...,好吗?"
    • 双宾语动词谓语句 Sentences with a predicate verb taking two objects
    • "...是..." The construction "...是..."
  15. Lesson Fifteen
    • 用疑问副词"多"提问 Question with the interrogative adverb
    • 概数 The approximate number
    • 还是...吧