Expressing "all" with "fanshi"


Basic Pattern


凡是 + Noun + 都 / 就 / 一律 + Predicate


  • 凡是 with 都:
  • 凡是 用 鸡蛋 做 的 菜 ,他 不 喜欢 。As long as the food is made of egg, he wouldn't like.
  • 凡是 不 听话 的 孩子 没有 糖 吃 。As long as the kid doesn't behave well, he won't get any candy to eat.
  • 凡是 会员 有 折扣 。As long as you have a membership, you can benefit from a discount.
  • 凡是 with 就:
  • 凡是 美国 公民 可以 投票 ,这 是 真的 吗 ?As long as you're an American citizen, you can vote. Is this true?
  • 凡是 提前 三天 报名 的 人 可以 免费 入场 。As long as you sign up three days in advance, you can enter free of charge.
  • 凡是 with 一律:
  • 凡是 没有 体检 的 人 一律 不能 献血 。As long as you haven't take an physical examination, you can't donate blood.
  • 凡是 杀 了 人 的 人 一律 判死刑 ,这是 真的 吗 ?As long as you kill someone, you will be sentenced to death. Is that true?

Advaned Pattern


凡是 can also be used with 无不 and 均. 无不 literally means 没有一个不, which gives a stronger tone of emphasis. 均 simply means 都 in written language.

凡 is used more in written language than 凡是.

凡(是) + Noun + 无不 / 均 + Predicate


  • 凡是 听说 这件事 的 人 无不 惊讶 。Everyone is surprised as long as they've heard about this.
  • 凡是 看 过 他 的 表演 的 人 无不 赞叹 他 的 演技 。Everyone are amazed by his acting skills as long as they've seen his acting.
  • 质量 不合格 的 产品 须 退回 。The product must be returned as long as it's not qualified.
  • 使用 兴奋剂 的 运动员 会 受到 严重 惩罚 。As long as the athletes take stimulants, they will be punished very seriously.

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