Reference:Contemporary Chinese 1 (当代中文1)

Contemporary Chinese 1 (当代中文1) by Wu Zhongwei

Contemporary Chinese (当代中文), by Sinolingua, is a comprehensive textbook series on the rise. Book 1 is equivalent to A1 difficulty.

This college-level instruction series is viewed by many college Chinese professors as an alternative to the New Practical Chinese Reader series, as the format for instruction and the quality of the content can be considered comparable. Each chapter encourages Western students to develop the ability to communicate in Chinese social settings, as well as to read and write characters. The text layout uses Pinyin, simplified and traditional characters and English translation of dialogues, cultural notes, pictures and more.

Grammar Points by Chapter

  1. Lesson One
    • Simple Sentence Pattern 1: Subject + Verb ( + Object)
    • Adverb + Verb
    • Question Patterns
  2. Lesson Two
    • Simple Sentence Pattern 2: Subject + Adjective
  3. Lesson Three
    • Measure Words
    • Numbers
    • Verb Phrases in Series
  4. Lesson Four
    • Review ( Measure Words, Simple Sentence Patterns)
  5. Lesson Five
    • The Reduplication of Verbs
    • Attributive + N
  6. Lesson Six
    • Expressions of Time (I)
    • Adverbial + V./ Adj.
  7. Lesson Seven
    • Expressions of Time (II)
    • Direction Verbs
    • The Reduplication of Adjectives
  8. Lesson Eight
    • Location Words and Place Expressions
    • "在 zài" Sentences and "有 yǒu" Sentences