Wanting to do something with "yao"

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Level A1
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Is used for Expressing desires, Expressing determination, Referring to the future, Expressing purpose
Translations want

To express "wanting to do" something, use 要 (yào).


The verb 要 (yào) can be used as an auxiliary verb to indicate wanting to do something.

Subject + 要 + Verb + Object


  • 吃 饭。I want to eat.
  • 学 中文。He wants to study Chinese.
  • 去 酒吧。She wants to go to the bar.
  • 去 上海。I want to go to Shanghai.
  • 宝宝 睡觉。The baby wants to sleep.
  • 我们 去 超市。We want to go to the supermarket.
  • 去 上班。I want to go to work.
  • 我 今天 吃 沙拉。Today I want to eat salad.
  • 做 中国 菜。I want to make Chinese food.
  • 请 你们 来 我 家。I want to invite you to come to my home.

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