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Expressing "just" do it with "gancui"

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干脆 is an adverb meaning "you might as well" or "just," and is normally used by the speaker to propose a straightforward course of action within a difficult situation.


Subj. + 干脆 + Verb


  • 家里什么都没有,干脆出去吃吧。There is nothing in the house, let's just go out to eat.
  • 既然学不好,干脆别学了。Since you aren't going to study well, might as well not study at all.
  • 这台破电脑又坏了,干脆别修了,买台新的吧。This ratty computer broke again. Might as well not fix it and just buy a new one.
  • 苹果很贵,我干脆没买,只买了点香蕉。Apples are too expensive. I'd better not buy them, just some bananas.

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