A2 Grammar Course

For fans of the Chinese Grammar Wiki, we've designed a grammar course specially tailored to the needs of the elementary learner.

$349 (USD) for 10 lessons, 1 hour each. Available for a limited time only! Offer no longer available. Sorry!

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What the A2 Course Covers

If the lesson topics below seem too easy for you, you may be interested in our B1 course (coming soon!). Please keep in mind that the exercises are designed to get you discussing a topic using the grammar points, which can still be fairly challenging even if you "know" the grammar points already.

The A2 (Elementary) Grammar Course will cover 2-4 similar grammar points each lesson, grouped into the following lessons:

  1. A2 word order issues: we've all been there--this level is all about getting the hang of Chinese word order!
  2. Two uses of 以后 (yihou), two uses of 以前 (yiqian): so simple, yet so elusive...
  3. Expressing "when" with 的时候 (de shihou): this one starts out easy, but gets a little confusing.
  4. Simultaneous tasks with 一边 (yibian): good for describing all kinds of multi-tasking in daily life.
  5. Comparing 不 (bu) and 没 (mei): not so complicated at its core, but a surprising number of exceptions to keep track of.
  6. "Always" with 总是 (zongshi) and "never" with 从来不/没 (conglai bu / mei): especially "never" takes some practice!
  7. Comparing 要 (yao) and 想 (xiang): it's about more than just politeness.
  8. A2 comparison words: 比 (bi), 没有 (meiyou), and 一样 (yiyang)... gotta master them all!
  9. Change of state with 了 (le): this one confuses everyone at first, but you can get a handle on it by focusing on the key use cases.
  10. Expressing duration with 了 (le): extending that mastery of 了 (le) to lengths of time.

Each lesson will come with explanation, grammar point links, and instructions on how to prepare and get the most out of your lesson.

You will have up to 60 days to use all 10 lessons, but we recommend at least 2 or 3 lessons per week to maximize progress.

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How You Will Study Each Lesson

You will be given access to the AllSet Learning Hub, our platform for managing our clients' studies. Your assignment for each lesson will be posted there, and you will see what you need to read in advance as well as what material your teacher will cover with you during the lesson.

In each 60-minute lesson, the following material will be covered by your teachers:

  • Vocabulary and Grammar Review (from your previous lessons)
  • Main lesson of the day (using our flexible 3-tier system--see below)
  • Sum-up and assess (can we move on to the next module, or do you need to keep working on this one? ...plus pronunciation feedback.)

We recommend that you install WeChat and create an account, as it is by far the most reliable way to communicate with anyone in the PRC. You should also install a plugin to help you read Chinese on your desktop computer.

Our Adaptive 3-Tier System

Every learner can't be at the exact same level, so we can't simply design a course for the "ideal" learner. Instead, we've designed a flexible 3-tier system which gives the lower-level learners more practice with the basic mechanics, and the higher-level learners more time practicing speaking.

  1. Mechanical Exercises. We start with these to make sure you can handle the basic form. These are easiest, and they're a good place to start if the grammar point is entirely unfamiliar. If the grammar point is not entirely unfamiliar, you should breeze through these.
  2. Improvisational Exercises. While still providing part of a sentence, we'll expect you to come up with the rest. This is a bit more demanding, and requires more imagination and vocabulary.
  3. Free Practice. Finally, you'll be expected to put the grammar points to use for a specific task. It may be some kind of discussion or role-play or story to tell. Your teacher will remind you to keep using the grammar points as necessary, and correct you as needed.

Our Teachers

All of AllSet Learning's teachers have been trained by our staff in Shanghai. Our training emphasizes communication, correct pronunciation, and holding our clients to a higher standard. Our teachers are also quite engaging to talk to!

To guarantee flexibility and schedule coverage as full as possible, each of our clients will have multiple teachers. They will coordinate clients' studies through the AllSet Learning Hub.

Money-back Guarantee

If, after your first lesson, you are not satisfied, simply email us at grammar@allsetlearning.com to receive a full refund.

Click to reserve lessons.png ...or email us directly at grammar@allsetlearning.com.

Please feel free to ask any questions. After we receive your confirmation by email, we will send you an invoice for $349 (USD) via Stripe, which may be paid by credit card. Once the invoice is paid, we will contact you to schedule your lessons, starting as early as October 8th, 2018, following the Chinese National Day 国庆节 (Guóqìng Jié) holiday.

Our capacity is limited; this offer will end soon. Offer no longer available. Sorry!