"In order to avoid" with "yimian"

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In written Chinese, many phrases are shortened or simplified. In this article, we will look at how 以免 is used, which can be considered the shortened form of 以便避免, meaning "in order to avoid."

Structure with a verb phrase

In this grammar structure, the first clause brings up a reminder or a warning, and then the second clause starts of with 以免 (in order to) and tells the consequence of what happens if the reminder or warning is ignored.

以免 + Verb Phrase


  • 这儿 有 高压电线,请 不要 靠近,以免 发生 危险。
  • 加强 安全 措施,以免 发生 工伤事故。
  • 行人 和 车辆 必须 严格 遵守 交通法规,以免 发生交通事故。

Make sure that 以免 is not used with a single verb or adjective. It must be used with a complete verb phrase.

  • 你 赶紧 走,以免 晚 。
  • 你 赶紧 走,以免
  • 快 抓住 那个 坏人,以免 跑。
  • 快 抓住 那个 坏人,以免

Structure with a sentence

以免 can also be used with a sentence after it, with its own subject and predicate.

以免 + Sentence


  • 他们 努力 训练,以免 在 比赛中 输 了。
  • 你 赶紧 解释 一下,以免 她 伤心。
  • 不要 在 河边 玩耍,以免 你 掉到 河里。

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