Expressing "after all" with "bijing"

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毕竟 (bìjìng) can be used to emphasize a reason or characteristic, and is like "after all" where you might say, "he is after all, only a child." 毕竟 is used both in spoken and written Chinese.

Basic Form

In it's most basic form, you just need to add the "after all" stuff after the 毕竟, and it could be a reason or a characteristic.


毕竟 ⋯⋯


  • 别 骂 他 了 ,他 毕竟 是 孩子 。Stop scolding him. After all, he's only a kid.
  • 毕竟 是 冬天 ,你 还是 多 穿 点 吧 。It's winter after all. You'd better wear more clothes.
  • 他 不知道 也 很 正常,毕竟 他 不 是 本地 人。It is normal that he doesn't know. After all, he is not a local.
  • 有的 玩笑 不能 再 开 了,毕竟 他们 都 是 大孩子 了 。 Some jokes shouldn't be said again. After all, they are all grown up.
  • 我们 不太 想 搬 ,毕竟 在 这儿 住 了 好几 年 了 。We don't really want to move. After all, we've lived here for more than a few years.

Fuller Form


虽然 ⋯⋯ ,但 + 毕竟 ⋯⋯ ,(as a result) ⋯⋯

In this structure, the parts after 虽然 and 毕竟 are reasons or characteristics, and the part after (as a result) is a result or conclusion. It's a bit more complex, so pay attention to the different parts in the example sentences below.


  • 虽然 他 做 错 了,但 毕竟 他 还是 小,你 就 别 打 他 了 。Although he did something wrong, he is, after all, so young. So don't hit him.
  • 虽然 我 穿 了 不 少 衣服,但 毕竟 是 北方 的 冬天,所以 我 还是 觉得 挺 冷 的。Although I wear a lot of clothes , it is, after all, winter in the north. I still feel very cold.
  • 虽然 我 跟 他 认识,但 毕竟 不 太 熟,还是 不要 去 麻烦 人家 了。Although I know him, after all we are not close. I'd better not trouble him.
  • 虽然 我 小时候 奶奶 对 我 不 好,但 毕竟 她 是 我 奶奶,所以 我 还是 会 照顾 她。Although my grandma didn't treat me well, but after all, she is my grandma, so I still look after her.
  • 虽然 你们 已经 离婚 了,但 毕竟 还有 一个 孩子 ,跟 孩子 在 一起 的 时候 别 吵架。Although you are divorced, there is, after all, a child. So don't start fighting when you're with the child.

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