"Could it be that" with "qibushi"

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The simplest way to understand 岂不是 is to think of it as "isn't it," and it is always used in a rhetorical question.


Just insert 岂不是 where you feel that "could it be that" or "isnt it." 岂不是 is usually used to start a new sentence or a clause. Since it is a rhetorical question, the speaker already knows the answer.

岂不是 + rhetorical question


  • 他们 不 来 岂不是 更 好?
  • 你 这样 做 岂不是 给 自己 找 麻烦?
  • 如果 连 你 都 不 帮 他,他 岂不是 死 定 了?!
  • 你 是 警察,这样 做 岂不是 知 法 犯法?
  • 他 不 在 的时候 你 去 找 他, 岂不是 浪费 时间?