Declaring the only option with "zhihao"

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只好 is an adverb used to express that one "has no choice but to" or "has no other option but to." The option is one the speaker is not fond of.


⋯⋯ ,(Subj. +) 只好 + [Verb Phrase]


  • 餐厅 都 关门 了 ,我们 只好 去 吃 KFC 。Other restaurants are all closed. We didn't have a choice but go to KFC to eat.
  • 我 忘 了 预约 ,只好 去 排队 。I forgot to make an appointment. I had to wait in a queue.
  • 他 没有 时间 去 ,只好 我 去 。He doesn't have time to go. So I have to go.
  • 老板 不 给 我 涨工资 ,我 只好 去 干私活 。The boss wouldn't give me a pay raise. I had to do some private jobs.
  • 她 实在 受不了 那么 吵闹 的 邻居 ,只好 搬走 了 。She really can't stand such noisy neighbors. She had to move away.
  • 那天 突然 下雨 了 ,我们 只好 取消 。It rained suddenly that day. We had to cancel it.
  • 警察 给 小偷 看 了 监控 ,小偷 只好 承认 了 。The police showed the surveillance to the thief. He had to admit it.

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