Expressing "related to..." with "you guan de"

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It is important to express one thing in relation to another, and the "与……有关的" (yǔ……yǒuguān de) structure accomplishes this by linking the subject before 与 (yǔ) and the one after 与 (yǔ) together by using 有关 (yǒuguān)


与 + topic/subj. + 有关的 + noun.


  • 我和他分手了, 有关的事情我都不想知道. We broke up, I don't want to know anything related to him.
  • 他对中国很感兴趣, 中国有关的故事他都很感兴趣. He is very interested in China, he is interested in anything related to Chinese history.
  • 这个项目有关的资料都需要保密. Any information related to this project needs to be kept confidential.

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