Expressing "to be worth" doing with "zhide"

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值得 (zhíde) means "to be worth" doing something, and is often placed before a verb or a verb phrase. Note that it is used to describe whether an action is worth it and cannot be used to state that something is worth a certain monetary value. For that 值 must be used on its own.

值得 as an Adverb


值得 + Verb / [Verb Phrase]


  • 雷锋 助人为乐 的 精神 值得 我们 学习。The spirit of altruism merits some study.
  • 巴金 的 散文 很 值得 一看。 Ba Jin's prose deserves a look.
  • 这 件 小事 不 值得 你 担心。This little thing isn't worth your time.

值得 as an Adjective

值得 can also be used as an adjective - on its own, or following a verb phrase.


([Verb Phrase]) + 值得


  • 值得吗? 值得Is it worth it? Yes. It's worth it.
  • 上大学(很)值得Attending college is worth it.
  • 学汉语是值得的。Studying Chinese is really worth it.

When expressing that something is not worth doing one can say something is either 不值得 or 值不得.

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