Expressing “must" with "feidei"

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非得 (fēiděi) can be translated as "must" or "have to." Usually it appears in the grammar structure 非得...不可/不行/不成, which expresses something is supposed to be a certain way and not change, or that something will certainly happen.

Many of you are probably familiar with the grammar structure 非...不可, which is the simplified form of this structure.


In this grammar structure, we are saying that the action must be done. Usually there is a phrase to set up the context, and then what must be done.

Statement, 非 (得) + Action + 不可 / 不行


  • 有 话 好好 说,干嘛 非得 吵架?
  • 现在 是 紧急 情况,非得 马上 动 手术 不可
  • 我 今天 骂 他 一 顿 不行
  • 这 件 事 你 非得 帮 我 查 清楚 不可
  • 他 这么 做 太 过分 了, 我 非得 教训 教训 他 不可

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