Comparing "genju" and "ju"

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The main differences between 根据 (gēn jù) and 据 (jù) are in how 据 is specifically used.

Monosyllabic nouns with 据

Basically, 据 can be used with single character words, while 根据 has to use words with at least two characters or more.

  • 实 报道
  • 根据 实 报道
  • 根据 事实 报道

Pairings with 据

据 can be used with together with 说, 闻, 悉, 传, 根据 cannot. These set two-character phrases are often used in formal and written Chinese, especially in news reports.

  • 据说 他 去 上海 了。
  • 根据说 他 去 上海 了。
  • 据传 首相 将要 辞职。
  • 根据传 首相 将要 辞职。

Referring to people using 据

据 is often used when referring to people. Often it is used with "某人说" or "某人看来," just substitute that 某人 with the person you are referring to (or you can also refer to yourself). If you use 根据, you need to use that person's name along with a noun phrase.


  • 他 说,灾情 并 不是 很 严重。
  • 根据 他的 说法,灾情 并 不是 很 严重。
  • 我 看来,他 是 个 很 负 责任 的 人。
  • 根据我的 看法,他 是 个 很 负 责任 的 人。

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