Facilitating an outcome with "yibian"

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以便 (yǐbiàn) is a formal way to say "in order to" or "to facilitate," and is generally used to show that an outcome is the result of a particular action.


[Action] + 以便 + [Outcome]


  • 我国 提倡 垃圾 分类,以便 回收 再利用。My country advocates a garbage classification to help with reusing and recycling.
  • 老李 买 了 一 辆 折叠 式 的 自行车,以便 携带。Old Li bought a folding bike to make it easier to carry around.
  • 老师 减慢 了 语速,以便 学生 能 听懂。The teacher slowed down her talking speed so that the students could understand her.

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